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My Favourites

The Favourites feature provides users with the opportunity to flag up to 100 properties for later viewing. Favourites provide an easy way for homebuyers to save those properties that caught their eye during a search for later viewing.

To add a property to the Favourites list, check the box within the property entry labeled “Add To My Favourites” while viewing search results in the Map View, Gallery View or Thumbnail View.

Once selected, the property will be added to the Favourites page, accessible by clicking the “My Favourites” link in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

On the Favourites page all properties that have been saved are listed, up to a maximum of 100, for later viewing.

To remove a Favourite from the list click “Remove from Favourites”.

Favourites are saved using a cookie on the users’ computer; as such they are only viewable on the same system on which they are originally saved.

Please note: Once a property is sold or otherwise removed from their respective Board/Association’s MLS® System, retains no residual information. Therefore any properties in a user’s Favourite list that have been removed will display the message “This property is no longer active”.